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Arlo Base Station

Arlo Base Station

Arlo Base Station, or Arlo Smart Hub, is a technical device that helps connect and control all your compatible Arlo devices. Besides, the Arlo Base Station allows you to connect your Arlo wire-free cameras to the internet by using your home router. Adding on, it provides long-range connectivity and long-lasting battery life for your Arlo camera. Moreover, using the Arlo camera gives you the option to access your Arlo camera by using your Arlo Login account. Adding on, the Arlo Base Station plays a vital role in protecting your footage by adding a secure network to your router. 

Plus, the Arlo Base Station possesses the potential to regulate Wi-Fi traffic and matches its compatibility with local storage. But keep in mind that switching to an Arlo Base Station or SmartHub is completely optional. Furthermore, connecting your Arlo camera to the Arlo Base Station or SmartHub enables you to save video and audio recordings to a local USB or MicroSD device. Therefore, connecting to an Arlo Base Station is relevant, and for doing this, it is necessary to implement the Arlo setup process. That’s why here you have the entire Arlo Setup procedure for connecting the Arlo Base Station using your Arlo login account.

Before You Start

There are four things that you require basically before you start with the process:

Step 1 : The first thing is the Arlo Base Station in itself. 

Step 2 : The next thing that you will need is an Ethernet cable. 

Step 3 : The third one is the Base station AC power adapter. 

Step 4 : And the last one is a quick start guide.

Connecting your Arlo Base Station to the Internet

Primarily, use an Ethernet cable to connect the Arlo Base Station to your router.

➔ Next, you need to connect the base station AC adapter to your base station. And to do this, you need to plug it in. 

➔ Afterward, press the On-Off button to power On your base station. After that, it will take two minutes for the Power LED and Internet LED to turn green, which you can see in front of the base station.

Syncing Arlo Cameras with the Base Station

Start by placing your Arlo camera within one to three feet(30 to 100 centimeters) of the Arlo Base Station. Remember, your camera must be synced in one go at a time.

➔ Next, press the Sync button for a while, which you can see at the top of the Arlo Base Station

➔ Now, once you complete the above step, wait for the Sync Status LED to blink green. 

➔ Afterward, again press the Sync button for a few seconds, which you can see at the top of the camera. After that, release the Sync button. 

➔ Further, you will see a blue LED on the Arlo camera has started blinking slowly. And it shows that the sync process has started now. Remember, the blinking of the blue LED confirms that the sync process is completed. And now, your Arlo camera is ready for viewing and streaming. 

➔ Suppose the LED blinks amber; it shows the sync process has failed. But no worries, as you can repeat the sync process once again. Even if you want to sync more than one Arlo camera, then you can repeat the same above-given steps.

Placing or Mounting your Arlo Cameras

It is advised to place your Arlo camera on a slightly higher or flat surface or even on a wall. Also, remember to use the Arlo app, which you can access by using your Arlo login account.    

➔ Next, place it in Position mode after logging into your Arlo login account in the Arlo app. You can easily find the position mode in the camera settings; doing this will help in aiming the Arlo camera. 

➔ Now, to mount your camera to the wall, you need to fasten the mounting screw into the wall. After that, continue by hanging the magnetic mount from the screw. And, remember, while mounting the Arlo camera to drywall, ensure to use the plastic drywall anchors. 

➔ And that’s how you are done, and now your Arlo system is set up and ready to use. However, suppose you are facing any difficulty while processing. In that case, you can visit its official website and contact its customer service.