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Arlo Login

Arlo Setup

Arlo Setup

If you have gotten your hand on the new Arlo camera, then don’t let go of it. Considering the fact that Arlo designs and produces top-notch surveillance cameras with exemplary administration makes it a consumer favorite. Furthermore, the Arlo camera’s cutting-edge features come out when the Arlo setup is complete. Adding to its significant characteristics, it enables users to record in High-Definition (HD) quality. Moreover, features like 2-way sound, live streaming, cloud recording with alerts, and other astounding elements enhance the user experience. Plus, installing Arlo cameras in your home and workspace will assist you with maintaining excellent supervision. And do you know it gets better? Yes, it does, with night vision recording, and quality is something that you can rely on when it comes to Arlo.

Now that you have your own camera let’s dive into the Arlo setup. Furthermore, once your Arlo setup is complete, you can access it remotely from and My Arlo App.

Steps For Arlo Setup

For the Arlo camera setup, you must complete the following four essential steps:

Step 1 : First, install the Arlo base station. 

Step 2 : Then register for an Arlo Login account.

Step 3 : Set up and sync the Arlo camera with the base station.

Step 4 : Place the camera and perform the Arlo firmware update.

You must first download the Arlo app to your smartphone in order to get started. Using the Arlo app, you can easily set up the Arlo camera and keep an eye on events at your home. Both iPhone and Android users can download the app. Furthermore, you can navigate to for the setup as well. Plus, creating an Arlo Login account is vital for the setup if you don’t already have one.

Download The Arlo App

For the Arlo setup, you must complete the following four essential tasks

➔ Initially, download and install the Arlo app on your smartphone.

➔ Next, open the app and select “New to Arlo” also, you can sign in if you have an account.   

➔ Select the Arlo camera model, then.

➔ The app will then advise you to install an Arlo base station.

To complete the Arlo camera setup procedures, you can also access the website from your computer. Here are a few easy steps that must be taken to finish the setup. Now, carefully adhere to the directions below.

1. Setup the Arlo Base Station

Users may configure the Arlo base station by connecting the Ethernet cable’s one end to the router and the other to the base station. After that, connect the power adapter to the wall outlet and turn on the base station.

➔ Then open the app to continue. 

➔ The app will then automatically detect your base station once you wait for the base station to power on.

➔ Next, select ‘Time-Zone’ from the menu.

➔ Tap on the “Save” button now.

➔ Finally, give your base station a name.

2. Make An Arlo Account

You must first enter your email address and password.

➔ Then submit the necessary information.

➔ Lastly, press the “Next” button.

3. Sync The Arlo Pro Camera To The Arlo Base Station

Your Arlo camera needs to be synced with the base station at this point. After that, follow the below steps.

➔ Put your Arlo camera a few feet away first.

➔ In the app, select “Continue.”

➔ Then, put the batteries in your Arlo pro camera at this time.

➔ For 5 seconds, press the base station’s “Sync” button.

➔ Then, press the Arlo camera’s “Sync” button.

➔ To pair the devices with each other, press the “Continue” button in the app.

➔ You must select the “Finish” button.

➔ If you wish to add more Arlo cameras to the base station, you can click “Add more devices” at the end of the process.

4. Positioning The Arlo Camera And Updating The Arlo Firmware

After connecting the Arlo camera to the Arlo base station, the Arlo firmware must be updated. When a new Arlo firmware becomes available, the app will alert you. Therefore, tap on the notification or alert to update your Arlo camera after that. Now, when the firmware is being updated, you will see the Arlo camera flashing alternately blue and amber. Your setup for the Arlo camera is now complete. Using a magnetic camera attachment, you may place the Arlo camera wherever you like.